Not dilutes but cools

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Meet our ice guys
Bolo image Decoration lines
Bolo ice
Rectangle Balls "Bolo"
Premium ice, these guys will not only cool the drink, but also give it a chic look that will enhance the pleasure of the taste.
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BigQ ice
Rectangle Cube "BigQ"
It is unlikely that a glass will fit more than one, but this is more than enough. These big guys know a lot about cooling, and they also look incredibly cool in your drink.
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SmallQ image Decoration dashed line Polygon blur
SmallQ ice
Polygon Cubes "SmallQ"
Alone, they are not particularly effective, but if they get together and the freshness of the drink is provided.
Crispy ice
Half moon Crash "Crispy"
In some cases, the drink should not only be cooled with ice, but also be ice!
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About halfmoon Iceik stamp
You won't wrong with us
Professional production that is not ashamed to show!
We have large production capacities, as well as our own refrigerated vehicles, and therefore with pleasure we will bring you a lot of really cold ice!
Decoration zigzag Manufactory
Jivodaina stamp
Only fresh and clean water!
Our ice is made from "Jivodaina" artesian drinking water, which gives it a special taste and also gives it useful properties.
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It’s also convenient and profitable to work with us
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If you works as legal entity, we will be happy to provide all related documents in cooperation. We are also VAT payers.
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We always try to understand the client’s position and do everything possible to help with critical deliveries.
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You can always pick up the ice by self, moreover, for this we will also provide you a discount!
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Bonuses for referred customers!
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Favorable package offer when ordering our ice with "Jivodaina" drinking water
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Where and how do we deliver ice?
Delivery picture
In Kiyv, we will deliver ice the day after the order. Exceptions are discussed privately, we will be happy to help you if possible!
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We deliver by default, and also offer the possibility of quick orders for regular customers.
Delivery picture
We also have the opportunity to deliver ice to all cities of Ukraine, but we are only talking about large deliveries. Call us - we will discuss specifically your case and think about how we can establish cooperation.